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  • Fourth Down and Love (romantic comedy)
*First Place Winner, Feature Screenplay, 2017 Acclaim Film Screenwriting Competition
*Top 15%, 2016 Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition
*Top 10 Finalist, 2015 Virginia Screenwriting Competition

A prudish English Lit. professor dates an egotistical NFL star to jump-start her brother's sports career. 


"There's no chance in a million that mushroom clouds or zombie-Nazi-Dragon riders or the total eclipse of the sun would cause a reader to put down the page.  Every development executive's dream." - professional reader, VA Film Festival 


"One of the best rom-coms I've ever read." - professional reader, Austin Film Festival 


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  • The Script (romantic comedy)
  • *Top 15%, 2015 Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition

A cynical, established screenwriter and a starry-eyed, by-the-book novice are forced by their agent to co-write a script. 


"The banter is excellent.  The dialogue is great.  Very relatable, funny, and story driven...Good tension; the pacing is very strong without.  Refreshingly well developed." - professional reader, Austin Film Festival


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  • Steel Clay (dramedy)

A disdainful millionaire struggles to learn compassion as his personal life is turned upside down.

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  • Bottom Line (comedy) 

Socially inept accountants take acting lessons from an unemployed Shakespearean actor in order to stand up to a bullying sales team.

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